About Lenox Pedicure Spa


Lenox Pedicure Spa, a Division of J&A, began its operation in 1996 with the commitment to manufacture Quality Pedicure Spas combined synergistically with the most responsive After-Sales Technical Support.

This commitment to Quality has catapulted our company to the forefront of the Spa Industry as being an Innovative, Creative, and a Proactive company.

Lenox Pedicure Spa made a commitment to safeguard the Safety of its Pedicure Spas so much so that when the safe Pipe Less Whirlpool first became available.

It has been a personal commitment by the founder of Lenox Pedicure Spa and J&A to ensure that quality Workmanship, quality After-sales support, and Safety are incorporated into every one of Lenox Pedicure Spas.  The collateral benefit of this commitment to excellence has been the UL Certification on each and every Lenox Pedicure Spa.